ГАЗ 3106 «Атаман 2»

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ГАЗ 3106 «Атаман 2»

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If AvtoVAZ always made folk cars, and never chased for advanced solutions or comfort, their colleagues from the Gorky Automobile Plant did not deny themselves anything.

Up until the beginning of the 2000s, GAZ engineers stubbornly did not want to give Audi, BMW and Mercedes every segment of premium cars, which will carry deputies, ministers and other important people. The plant did not want to forget about its past, and continued to design luxury cars.

And one of them was a luxury SUV GAZ 3106 "Ataman 2". Just look at his appearance. Very interesting, isn't it? No corners. All lines are smooth and smooth.

The car looks something like a Porsche Cayenne. Only the German crossover was produced in 2002, and our domestic jeep was presented to the public in August 2000 at the Moscow Auto Show.
Photo: drive2.ru
What is the design?

The car is a continuation of the project "Ataman", which began in 1996. That's just the first generation SUVs were very different. Somehow chopped, ugly and lurid. Nizhny Novgorod designers took into account their mistakes and drew a new car.

True, both bridges, front suspension and steering with brakes, "Ataman 2" received from its ancestor. Some other details were very close to those installed on the Sobol.
Photo: 4kolesa.mirtesen.ru

But the transfer case for an SUV invented its own. All-wheel drive jeep "stood" on the spar frame, and in the cabin it was planned to establish seats for 7 people. Under the hood of the prototype is mounted a diesel engine, 141 hp.
What went wrong again?

Once again, "economic considerations." The plant management considered that the machine is too bold, and not a fact that it will be in high demand. In addition, we do not know how much the enterprise would manage to produce such a complex model. Therefore, it was not allowed into mass production.

But it is worth noting that the project did not give rest to the designers from Nizhny Novgorod. In 2004, they invented the "Ataman 3", which received a much simpler appearance.

The car had to compete no longer with the Germans and the Japanese, but with the Chevy Niva and UAZ Patriot. But it did not save her. The machine was not produced in a wide circulation either. And why ?, is another story.
Photo: all-auto.org
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