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Oskab ehk keegi selle auto kohta mingisugust adekvaatset infi pakkuda, plaan endale selline nüüd soetada, jeepidest kõrini aga atlandi tagused märgid ikka hinges...
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Teise mehe arvamus:

test drove the SXT today, here's my review

Well, first off the "Inferno Red" is one nice color. Anyway, I drove the SXT 3.7L, 4AT today quite a bit in city traffic and for 10+ miles at cruising speed (85 mph for me ). My initial reactions were: quiet! smooth cruiser! this thing scoots! No joke, this 3.7 is all torque. With almost 200 ft/lbs just off idle and 225 ft/lbs at 2000 RPM it was easy acceleration up to cruising at 75 mph at 2500 RPM! It's a bit loud and growly when you floor it but once up to cruising speed it dissapears. Can't wait to try the 4.0L version R/T!

The cabin is also very quiet with very little road and wind noise and the ride is well damped seems almost a bit too soft yet it corners with only a little lean. The factory tires don't hold the road very well but I guess the R/Ts 20" should be a lot better. The driver's seat was a manual one with no hight or angle adjustment and this was my main issue with this model. Pretty good back support though and I guess power leather seats should be even better. Good ergonomics for a long trip with easy but precise (if a bit slow) stearing, great cruise control as a stalk on the column (Toyota style) that works precisely. There is quite a bit of brake dive but they work well with good pedal feel.

The cabin seemed a little tight side to side as all the window sills are a bit high on the side and the center storage box is quite high. It worked well for me though as I was able to rest either of my elbows and hold the steering wheel while driving. I could see all around pretty well although the headrests seem a bit too tall and angle forward too much. Rear seat room is good enough for 2 adults but the driveshaft tunnel and non-removable or foldable cup holders in the middle don't leave any legroom for a 3rd adult in the middle. The reclining seats are a good feature but the backs start to stick into your back when reclined all the way.

The rear cargo area is a good sized one albeit not very tall because of the high floor. It didn't have the "Load'n Go" slide out load tray but if it's truly as strong as advertised it would be a great feature to have! I've wrestled long heavy items into the backs of SUVs enough times to appreciate this feature. Also the rear tailgate doesn't lift up very high. I'm 6'1" and got my head bumped the first time. Should be easy to fix with a few inches of lift and bigger tires. Nice flat loading floor with the added utility of the folding front passanger seat. Should be standard on all SUVs.

Overall, I thought it was a good looking, well balanced vehicle with good power. A well executed design. If the gas milage is as advertised and you don't need 7 pass. seating the R/T should be a buy.
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Re: Nitro

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Oleks huvitatud omanike kommentaaridest auto kohta 2,8CRD mootoriga. Ülalpidamiskulud, vastupidavus, kuidas rahakottile ka mõjub võrreldes teiste omasugustega.
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Re: Nitro

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Minu arusaamise järgi on Dodge Nitro Jeep Cherokee (KK) kloon, ainult ilma aeglustita.
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Re: Nitro

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Kilpkonn kirjutas:Minu arusaamise järgi on Dodge Nitro Jeep Cherokee (KK) kloon, ainult ilma aeglustita.

Olen teadlik sellest asjaolust, Nitro välimus on minu arust kenam, kuid asi on muidugi maitses
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Re: Nitro

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Sähh,võid ikka Jeepi osta:
Jeep Grand Cherokee LX 5,9L 177kw
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Re: Nitro

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Nitro ju sootsam ja valik suurem ning enamus autosid Eestist ostetud ja ajalugu olemas.
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Re: Nitro

PostitusPostitas Hints » N Mai 17, 2012 10:06 pm

Nitro kohapealt oskan rääkida niipalju kui remondikogemus silberis on.
Vastupidavuse kohta võin väita et suuremaid probleeme ei ole nendel isenditel, sillaosad suht vähe vajavad vahetust.
Mootoriga ka probleeme ei ole olnud, mind isiklikult häirib ainult selle hääl (selline vanakooli diisli kilin kolin).
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