New in town...

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Liitunud: N Juul 30, 2015 10:02 am
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New in town...

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<repost from the English forum>

I apologize for not writing in Estonia. I just moved here from the Netherlands this month with my yellow 1984 BJ45 HTLD, so my Estonian is still a bit rusty ;-)

My name is Peter Postma, as said, I am original from the Netherlands. I am 43 years old, work as a Linux administrator at Playtech and own my BJ45 since September 2012.

Initially I am working on stabilizing it's condition. (rust wise ;-) ) and I have replaced/repaired some technical stuff (shocks, leaf springs front, fenders, starter, batteries (now Optima yellow top)) I plan to fix up the body (especially the hood and the back is pretty bad) and build a camper interior since I like to do some more traveling with it.

In the Netherlands I am a member of the Land Cruiser club. I took some off road courses though the club and joined some club events including off road weekends and day trips.

As I mentioned I like to travel with my car. Last year I went to the French Alps where I drove a beautiful route through the mountains. I am planning to go to the North cape sometime in the next year or so.

I am looking for other J4 owners/4x4 drivers in Tallinn or surroundings to get to know the country and car shops that can help out with the stuff I cannot do myself.

Hope to see you sometime.


Peter (fb page of the car)
1984 BJ45 HTLD - 3.4 l 3B diesel - Power-steering - 125 l extra long-range tank - 150 l water tank - Split rims - Pilt

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