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Mida vaadata GQ Patroli ostmisel

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Some Things to look out for when Buying a GQ

This is a list of things to look out for when buying a Nissan GQ or Ford Maverick, which are rebadged GQ's... This list was compiled from the common knowledge of the people on the Patrol list's.

Some of the problems are common, and some are rare, but have been known to happen more than once, some are just bad luck, some are put down to abuse of the car, while others can be put down to other reasons. A lot of problems with early models would have surfaced by now, and theres a VERY good chance it would have been repaired by now, some 12yrs later!



Brake Lines - there was a recall on early GQ's for dodgey Brake lines, some were done, some weren't. Your looking around $90pr OEM, for that price I would do them anyway.


Engine/Engine Bay

Exhaust mounts - Under the car, some mounts crack, and then theres the exhaust mount rubbers, wear out.

Cracked head - The 4.2 Petrol has a bit of history with cracking heads, specially when on Gas... $1000+ for the head.

Broken engine mounts - Engine Mounts break, worth checking them out, they are under $200ea.

Crack chassis around steering box - this is also seen mainly when the car has seen hard offroading, usually not a problem.

Cracking inner Guards - the Inner Guards on GQ's crack around the bolt holes behind the battery (drivers side on Diesel), and on the opposite side on all models as well.

Ripped Inner Guards - Caused usually by Dual batterys - look for 'ripped' inner guards where the battery tray mounts around the bolt holes, can be hidden by the tray, its where the bottom of the tray mounts to the guard.

Steering Boxes - not the strongest thing on the planet.. if your getting a GQ with 2-300,000+ on it, then you may think about it.



Diff Housing - Early models had a problem with Diff housings cracking. Welding them up is ok.

TD42 Autos are $4000 to do a COMPLETE rebuild on, not sure on manuals.

Manuals - Sincro in 2nd and 3rd gears. This one has been told to me as a problem on GQ's not sure on Petrol or Diesels, but Sometimes the detent spring gets weak and needs a washer under it. Plug on top of g/Box

Rear Diff housing - Early Models have a problem with the Diff Housing Cracking. Welding does fix them, but be weary of it.

Seizing Rear Calipers - They have a habit of seizing, caliper kit sees them freed up again, but its just the PITA to go through .



Bent trailing arms - These are fairly exposed, and do cop a hammering if the car has been used serious or hard core offroading, Check them and all control arms.

Bent upper coil mount in rear - Suspension Coil mounts tend to take a hammering if the car has seen lots of corrigated roads, seen hard offroading, otherwise not a problem.



Grills - The clip system on them is pathetic, they crack regularly. My new Grill lasted 12 mths before starting to rattle again

Floor Cracks under drivers and passangers feet - Where the Firewall and the floor meet, this cracks, causing a 'CLUNK' sound.

Cracked roof pillars Front Windscreen area - Some GQ's suffer if they have been subjected to heavy Roofracks, and large loads on bad roads eg any road in NSW ;)~

Body mounts - Check if the body mounts and around them are in good condition, The rubbers are around $300 for the complete set, and 4-6 hours to replace.

Back Doors - Cracks in rear door where the top of the windows are.

LWB Rear Side Windows - They ALL do it... Rusted rear window frames on them. Replacement ones are updated, but these usually last 10-12yrs easy.


Inside the Cab

Seat mounts - there have been some GQ's that have suffered from Damaged, cracked, broken mounts, usually when the driver is on the large side like me.

Seat Mount Bolts - Worth Checking to see if they are stripped, or loose
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