Retro Rally, 2010: 15days, 12countries, 7500km

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Retro Rally, 2010: 15days, 12countries, 7500km

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Hi to All 4x4 Friends,

I'm looking for teams to participate on Retro Rally.

The intention of creating Retro Rally Run is the feeding of retro feeling. We would like to turn this odd Run into a unique event on which the miracle machines with a big value do not dominate. Instead of it, according to our rules, it is possible to enter the 20 years old or older vehicles (regardless of the type), which once determined the image of the streets, but time is up over them. We wish to create an occasion for the owners, or for those who would like to have a similar vehicle, to measure their driving skills on Europe’s roads and to experience the limit of their cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc.

If you take a look at the web-site presenting the route, you 'll see what waits for the participants: 15 days, 12 countries and 7500 kilometer. The first Run is organised between 6th to 20th of August, 2010. The place of the start is Budapest. After the start of Retro Rally the field will cross Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, from where the teams take a ferry to Denmark. They arrive to Sweden then, and move to Norway’s breathtaking northern corner. The teams then drive along the fiords to Finland and will pass through the Scandinavian peninsula. Here the field take another ferry to Estonia, and with the discovery of Latvia, Lithuania in the Baltic-region, they reach Poland and Slovakia. The final arrival, finish will be in Budapest, Hungary.

Some of the stopping places are at the former big production bases of the retro mobiles. The magic of the different landscapes, the Baltic seacoast and the national parks reserve a trip filled with excitement and challenge. In each country we selected a unique route. We drew up the whole Run in such a way that the participants should be allowed to try their driving and navigational skills, test the persistence, be participiant of the teamwork's, and the manly toughness's. From a year onto a year we wish to pose new and newer challenges. We wish to show the members of the field around the most place within two weeks time. This is a distinguished chance to get together with others, find new friends from all over the world.

Charity work program is accompanied to the Run. Each year the donations are designed to serve a good purpose.

Please let me know if you're interested to participate! Thanks.

Mine “Welcome to!”

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